The region has jobs for new people as well

There is always work for someone willing to do it

The service network offers all kinds of jobs for skilled professionals. Our region is a concentration of diverse businesses ranging from small one-person enterprises to large industrial companies. The enterprises here are committed to the region and accept their responsibility. 

Open jobs

Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Kyyjärvi, Lappajärvi, Perho, Soini ja Vimpeli


Welcome to Super-Finland!

Get to know some of the largest employers in Super-Finland

Digital magazine (in Finnish only)

The ‘Täällä on töitä muillekin’ digital magazine features stories of the largest employers in Super-Finland.

7 employer stories, 7 employee stories, and 7 municipalities, all of which welcome new inhabitants warmly!

Get to know the Super-Finland municipalities

Yritys- ja palveluhakemisto

Alajärven, Evijärven, Lappajärven, Soini ja Vimpelin yritys- ja palvelutarjontaan pääset tustustumaan JPYP:n yrityspalveluhakemisssa.

Get to know the Super-Finland municipalities

Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Kyyjärvi,
Lappajärvi, Perho, Soini ja Vimpeli

"I have been to every continent of the Earth during my life. I have lived in various large cities in both southern and northern Finland. Based on this, I dare say that Alajärvi offers everything you need for living. We are also surrounded by clean nature and a safe living environment. These are things that we take for granted here."

"Living here is uncongested. The Ostrobothnian community spirit is alive and well, as is the entrepreneurial spirit. Life here is as it should be, for all ages. Welcome back. Or for the first time. "

"Kyyjärvi offers you more for the same money. We provide affordable and safe living in the middle of nature with plenty of recreational opportunities. We have free lakeside house plots with their own beachfronts."

"It is good to live here. There is no need to wait in lines, you get to breathe the cleanest air in the world, and swim in the waters of our unique lake. We have plenty of room for building a house even for a larger family. We offer an excellent primary or vocational education for your children, including Finland’s only geological secondary school. You are welcome to stay at Lappajärvi! "

"The Perho municipality slogan Living and working in Perho summarises the local lifestyle well: A safe and pleasant living environment, excellent services, work and livelihood in the middle of nature and in a community atmosphere."

"The daily life runs smoothly here, and nature offers experiences."

”Whether you are an entrepreneur, a job seeker, an inventor, an investor, a summer resident, or someone dreaming of living in the country, Vimpeli welcomes you warmly and provides an environment for success."

Free apartments

Apartments for sale

Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Kyyjärvi, Lappajärvi, Perho, Soini ja Vimpeli


Apartments for sale

Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Kyyjärvi, Lappajärvi, Perho, Soini ja Vimpeli.


Free facilities

Our region embodies the Ostrobothnian can-do attitude. Many enterprises in the Järvi-Pohjanmaa region have indeed grown from small family businesses into international entities.
Both small and large enterprises are happy here. Come settle down with us!

“The Järvi-Pohjanmaa facility services provide a good platform for marketing our properties. With assistance from JPYP, entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs can find properties and also important information about the benefits and opportunities afforded by the local industry and operational environment.”


– Anne Mäkelä, CEO OP

The materials on this page are produced and compiled by the ‘Työ etsii tekijäänsä’ project managed by Järvi-Pohjanmaan Yrityspalvelu and funded by Aisapari.

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