Being an entrepreneur in the Järvi-Pohjanmaa region

Close to services but with plenty of privacy

Our region embodies the Ostrobothnian can-do attitude. Many enterprises in the Järvi-Pohjanmaa region have indeed grown from small family businesses into international entities. Both small and large enterprises are happy here. Come settle down with us!


Extensive service network

The service network offers all kinds of jobs for skilled professionals.

Businesses committed to the region

Many enterprises are committed to the region and accept their responsibility.

Vapaat toimitilat

Various entrepreneur grants

Our region provides a wide range of funding options for developing your enterprise and making investments.

Diverse nature

It’s not all plains here: We are home to more than one hundred lakes and the highest elevation differences in the region. These are good grounds for all kinds of hobbies and for taking deep breaths among the push and pull of everyday life!

Sense of community

Ideas are not kept lying in drawers here – instead they are realised together with others. The region is clearly characterised by a spirit of mutual assistance and activity.

A can-do attitude

Our region is a concentration of diverse businesses ranging from small one-person enterprises to large industrial companies.

Get to know the cities and municipalities in the region

Löytyisiköhän sinunkin yrityksellesi sopiva toimitila Järvi-Pohjanmaalta? Katso toimitilapalveluista!

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