About the company

About the company

Company ownership and facilities

Järvi-Pohjanmaan Yrityspalvelu Oy (JPYP) is an entrepreneurship development company co-owned by the city of Alajärvi, the municipalities of Evijärvi, Lappajärvi, Soini, and Vimpeli, and 20 businesses and banks that operate in the region. The company has offices in Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Lappajärvi, Soini, and Vimpeli. The extensive network of offices makes it possible to serve customers close to where they are.

The company acts as an integral part of the development of the vitality of the city and the municipalities.  JPYP cooperates actively with actors at the Hoiskontie 25 development and innovation centre. In addition to these, the company actively cooperates with both public and private enterprises.

JPYP serves businesses and those looking to become entrepreneurs in the Järvi-Pohjanmaa region at all stages of their life, from establishment to change of ownership. We want to be involved in the everyday operations of entrepreneurs.

JPYP operations are divided into three service paths: start-up services, growth services, and internationalisation services. 

Company mission

The mission of the company is to support and promote the development of the businesses and partner municipalities and to improve the vitality of the region. The company acquires and provides the best expertise and skills for the development needs of businesses through their extensive partner network.

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